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If your property has incurred damage from a storm with hail and/or high winds you should CONTACT BENJAMIN BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION BEFORE FILING AN INSURANCE CLAIM FOR A FREE INSPECTION SO WE CAN INSPECT YOUR DAMAGE TO SEE WHETHER OR NOT IT WARRANTS AN INSURANCE CLAIM.  Benjamin Brothers works with all insurance providers and has completed hundreds of insurance jobs from start to finish.

  • First, we will inspect your roof, skylights, siding, aluminum window wraps, screens, fascia, gutters, and downspouts to assess the damage FREE OF CHARGE.  If you have damage worthy of filing an insurance claim, we will show you pictures of the damaged areas that we found.
  • You then call your homeowner’s insurance provider to file a claim for wind and/or hail damage along with the date that the storm occurred.  Your insurance company will give you a claim number and they will call you back when they know when an insurance adjuster can come out to assess the damage.  You then tell us your claim number, adjuster’s name and phone number, and the time and date that they would like to inspect your home.
  • Next, we meet with your insurance adjuster FREE OF CHARGE to make sure they find all of the damage.  We double-check the insurance adjuster’s estimate to make sure all damage is included in the scope of repair work.  If anything is incorrect or left off the insurance adjuster’s estimate, we supplement the insurance company in order to get those items corrected before starting the work.
  • We then repair or replace the items noted on the insurance estimate for the insurance replacement cost which is typically based on pricing from Xactimate, the estimating software used by the majority of insurance companies that is adjusted to reflect local construction costs.
  • And then after the work is completed we bill the insurance company so they will release remaining funds to pay for the work that was completed.


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